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Acerta Technology

Our mission at Acerta is to provide leading software engineering and analysis services focusing on the cyber-security domain. We aim to attract top talent in this unique labor market, and deploy it where the national security mission needs it most.


Today's greater connectivity provides a tremendous platform for industries and government to do more online. More and more, fundamental processes and activities are being handled in an automated fashion by networked information systems. These advancements certainly provide great benefits, but the knife cuts both ways. The greater the capability, the greater the impact of its exploitation.


The complexity of today's systems has become so daunting, it's often difficult enough just to "make things work." Web services, database servers, file sharing services, domain/directory services, enterprise VoIP/UC systems, etc. It's difficult enough to get all of these things talking to each other, period. Never mind making sure they're guarded against attack.


If that's not enough - proper implementation of security policies, up-to-date software, host-based security software, firewalls and network security, intrusion detection - these all play a part in keeping data secure.


At Acerta, we understand that a vulnerability in any of these facets can be severely impactful to an organization's mission. Our expertise is in the comprehensive understanding of how computing devices work, regardless of size, look, or flavor. Because an attacker only needs one weakness, we must have a complete understanding of the systems we are securing.



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